Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness sessions at Sliema Local Council

Friday 1st November at 600pm for the young persons
Tuesday 19th November at 930 am for elderly persons
At Sliema Local Council, Depiro Street, Sliema

Talks by Europa Donna Malta - The European Breast Cancer Coalition

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sliema Public Health Clinic

The Sliema Public Health Clinic, which is situated in the Local Council premises in Depiro Street, will now be open in the following times:

Mondays 0730 to 1230

Wednesdays 0730 to 1230

Thursdays 0730 to 1100

Fridays 0730 to 1230

Friday, October 18, 2013

Tell MEPA not to allow further development on Qui-si-sana coast

Residents in Sliema are expressing their concern with the proposed privatization of part of Qui-si-sana's coast, which you can read about on this link: http://sliemanews.blogspot.com/2013/10/sliema-council-objects-to-qui-si-sana.html

Sliema Local Council has objected to the the original and revised applications, and has insisted that pristine globigerina coastline should be preserved unconditionally, as this is rich in marine flora and fauna, and should be kept public.

Those who want to defend this part of Qui-si-sana coast are urged to submit their objections to MEPA, by following these steps:

1. Go to www.mepa.org.mt

2. In column on right, "Case Search", type in 02601 13, and click on 'Case Search' option.

3. You have now entered page concerning this application. Scroll down and under 'images' section, you will find an option to 'submit representation'. Click on it, fill in details, write your comments, and send your objection to MEPA by clicking on 'submit comments'.

Please pass on this message to all those who want to defend Malta's environment and public land.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New computer courses at Sliema Local Council

1. E-Lifestyles

Computer Course to learn how to use Facebook, Gmail, Ebay, Picasa, Youtube

Apply Online www.learnit.com.mt or at Sliema Local Council, Depiro Street, Sliema

For more information or to book contact TCTC Naxxar 21421784/5 or 21820819, or learnit@tctcmalta.com. Every application will require the amount of €10 for the notes and registration. Terms and conditions apply.

2. ECDL Standard Start

12 hour course which covers first 3 ECDL subjects

New Syllabus

Apply Online www.learnit.com.mt or at Sliema Local Council, Depiro Street, Sliema

For more information or to book contact TCTC Naxxar 21421784/5 or 21820819. Every application will require the amount of €15 for the notes and registration.

Course starts on 25 November

Exams not included. More information about assistance, including subsidy, to those who decide to sit for exam can be obtained from Local Council or TCTC. ECDL Standard Qualification is equivalent to Level 3 of the Malta Qualifications Council. Terms and conditions apply.

Sliema council objects to Qui-Si-Sana development

800m2 of pristine shoreline earmarked for sun-beds

James Debono, Malta Today 6 October 2013

The Sliema Local Council is objecting to a development of leisure facilities on 800 square meters of pristine rocky shoreline in Qui-Si-Sana just below the Qui-Si-Sana public garden.

The development is earmarked for “leisure development” which consists in lavatories, showers, an attendant’s area and rows of sun beds, which are set to cover the rocky shoreline.

The application was presented by hotelier Michael Stivala on 15 March, just three days after the general elections and was issued for public consultation on September 21.

“Such a project will deny full public access on to what is presently public land,” the council said in an official objection letter sent to the Malta Environment and Planning Authority.

The Sliema council described the site in question as a “stretch of pristine rocky coastline” made up of globerigina limestone and characterised by rocky pools, which are rich in marine flora and fauna.

The council also pints out that a World War II structure known as the coastal Artillery Search Light overlooks the site. Although the application does not impact on this recently restored historical monument, it would result in the destruction of its context.

The development is set to take place on public land but the application states that the owner of the site has already given consent to the proposed development.

“Sliema cannot afford to lose more of its coast for private development, something which contrasts with the Sliema local council’s efforts to make beaches “as clean and accessible as possible”, Green Party councillor Michael Briguglio said.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sliema Public Library

The 'Margaret Mortimer' Sliema Public Library, in Blanche Huber Street, is, until further notice, open on the following days:

Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays between 0800am-1200pm

The library is fully accessible has free internet and WI-FI access.

Storytelling for Children

Every Saturday between 9am-10am, starting from Saturday 5 October. Public holidays excluded. At Sliema Local Library, Blanche Huber Street

Children aged between 5-7 are welcome to attend.
Sessions in English and Maltese.

Those interested are to send Name of Child, Age, Parent/guardian, Address and Mob/Tel to Sliema Local Council ( sliema.lc@gov.mt ) or to Sliema Local Library.