Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Din l-Art Ħelwa files appeal on Town Square project

An appeal on the controversial permit for the ‘Town Square’ project at Tigne in Sliema was this morning filed with the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal by Din l-Art Ħelwa.
In a statement, Din l-Art Ħelwa said it believed this over-sized development would have a devastating effect on the Maltese landscape and the daily lives of many people.
“The Planning Authority has ignored the concerns of the public. This is unacceptable, especially for such massive projects with huge and permanent damage to us all.”
The 38-storey Town Square skyscraper will be sandwiched between existing homes and shops.
“People who visit, work or live in the area will face terrible traffic and parking problems, and neighbours will be deprived of sunlight. Its promoters have ignored or downplayed the difficulties and inconvenience that the project will cause for the entire Sliema community,” Din l-Art Ħelwa said.
 Its appeal is supported by Nature Trust Malta and the Malta Archaeological Society. 
The organisation is being assisted by lawyers Dr Cedric Mifsud, Dr Malcolm Mifsud and Dr Catherine Mifsud.


  1. "a devastating effect on the Maltese landscape and the daily lives of many people." - agree .

    A letter I sent to Times was not published " but she insisted that the letter was "far too long" and had to be brought down to 'not more than 500 words' or it will not be published." The letter was in reply to Andrew Ganado'letter of 840 words ! From this I can only conlude that Times are behind this Gasan project and blocking readers letters. I append the full text below ---

  2. George,I am a weekly columnist at Times of Malta and my articles have to conform to word limit policy. All serious newspapers have word limit policies for obvious reasons. Moreover I have frequently criticised this and other projects but Times of Malta never interfered with my opinions.

    1. But Michael - Andrew's letter was 820 words and mine was about the same length. Yet I was told abruptly (verbatim) "This is far too long. Please bring down to not more than 500 or it will not be published." I object to being treated like that when Ganado was allowed to exceed the limit. Also I explained in my covering letter "it takes many, many more words to refute an invalid statement than to make it – for instance it needs a whole paragraph to refute Mr Ganado’s bald statement that “Town Square tower is 100 per cent in accordance with all PA policies” .... etc
      I trust that the gravity (and urgency) of the situation makes this letter (or article?) a matter that transcends word count" Two people have spontaneously suggestedthat Times is in the pocket of some developers. They have had good coverage in the times.

    2. And, Moreover - You are lucky to have a weekly slot - - maybe you ought to use it to oppose such things as this and other skyscrapers ...

  3. Michael - Times of Malta never interfered with my opinions. But they might interfere more readily with "ordinary" people who say things they don't like. This was a classical case with Times allowing a magnate over 800 words and blocking my reply.

  4. George, I have written frequently about such issues.