Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Swimmers' Zones

In addition to current swimmers zones at Exiles, Fond Ghadir, Tigne' and Chalet, Sliema Local Council has applied for new swimmers zone at Qui-si-sana and Taormina Exiles, and for extension of the Exiles swimmers zone. Transport Malta will be considering these for 2013.

Swimmers Zones are of great benefit for the safety of swimmers.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beach clean-up

"That's Rubbish", an NGO, will be organising a clean up of the Sliema coast starting at 11:30am until 13:00hrs, this coming Saturday. They will be walking along the coast from Fortizza to Balluta and will clean cigarette butts and any other rubbish they find.

Well done to such civic-minded NGOs.

In the meantime, the beaches subcommittee of Sliema Local Council is looking into various issues which deserve immediate attention. Some issues are already being tackled. A case in point is enforcement by wardens against persons who park their cars on the beach. Such enforcement has been stepped up.

Various facilities, including accessible ladders, ramps and a clinic have been situated across the stretch referred to above, under the supervision of the Malta Tourism Authority.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Story-telling for children

The Sliema Local Council library (Blanche Huber Street Sliema) intends to carry out story-telling for children.

Storytelling will be for children aged 4-7 on Saturdays between 9am-10am Stories will be read by Librarian Ms Therese Attard Previ. Sessions will commence on Saturday 14 July.

Those interested are to contact me at mbrig@hotmail.com .

Friday, June 15, 2012

Exiles Beach

Yesterday, the beaches subcommittee which I chair inspected the popular Exiles beach.

We took note of various improvements which need to take place, related to issues such as waste management, general cleanliness, maintenance of infrastructure, need for enforcement on matters such as parking of cars and dog-dirt, increased accessibility, and so forth.

I am currently tackling these issues within Sliema Local Council and respective authorities.

Tower Crane in High Street

The Tower Crane for the extended development of the car park in High Street will be placed in the abandoned house which is adjacent to the car park. This is a very positive example of the power of residents in influencing the policies of Sliema Local Council and respective authorities.

A temporary passageway with overhead protection will be set up along the house so that pedestrians can make use of the pavement.

Construction works will start immediately and should take 6 months.

Residents will be informed of rules and regulations set out for the developer as well as arrangements for ongoing works.

Lower High Street will be blocked every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12.00Hrs till 18.00Hrs. Residents living in High Street and Ghar il Lembi street have to access via Ghar Il Lembi during these days and times.

Services like waste collection, grocery/water deliveries etc... must be organised for the mornings on these days.

The parking spaces at the top of High Street corner with Ghar Il Lembi, (in front of the Alborado apts.) will be left free for easy manoeuvring

Wardens will be in attendance at all times. And the police will also be patrolling to control the situation

Vehicles will reverse into Lower High Street with their 'exhaust Pipe' facing the car park side... in order to protect the retail outlets.

Vehicles will exit the way they came in.

Last but not least, residents are welcome to phone 21337633 at the local council, should they need assistance or feel there is an uncomfortable situation beyond their control.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cars on the beach

Enforcement on the cars parked irregularly under it-Torri has started to take place, following my insistence as councillor responsible for beaches. I will keep making necessary pressure for increased enforcement, also in the Taormina area (near the Pier), where cars are also being parked irregularly.

Problems in Depiro Street, Old College Street and St Ignatious Junction

Today Sliema Local Council held a consultation meeting with residents Depiro Street, Old College Street and St Ignatious Junction.

Residents rightly spoke about various issues which are causing great inconvenience, such as waste thrown out at irregular hours from some residents of Belmonte Heights, noise from hostels hosting language students, broken pavement in Depiro Street due to construction at ex-Galaxy site, heavy vehicles passing from bridge at Old College Street.

I have been speaking on these issue for some time in the new Local Council, and residents today confirmed the problems in this area. As regards rubbish, upon my insistence, green wardens started monitoring the area some weeks ago. I will insist that such monitoring increases. Together with my fellow councillors I will ensure that the other issues are tackled as soon as possible.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cars on the beach

As is the case every summer, some 'cowboys' have decided to use the Sliema beach, under it-Torri as a parking space. Cars on the rocks cause ecological harm and pollution.

Police and Regional Committee in charge of wardens are being alerted. As Councillor responsible for beaches, I will be watching closely.

I have also received complaints of cars parking at Exiles taormina near breakwater.