Friday, September 18, 2015

Storytelling for Kids at Sliema Public Library

Storytelling for Kids will take place at Sliema Public Library, Blanche Huber Street for the fourth consecutive year.

Sessions will be in English and Maltese and will take place every Saturday morning (excluding public holidays) as from 10th October between 9am and 10am.

Children aged between 5 and 7 may participate.

To apply, parents/carers are to provide names of children and parents/carers as well as landline phone number to Librarian Ms Therese Attard Previ at Sliema Library.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yoga and Pilates in Sliema

Yoga and pilates lessons are going to be held at the St Clare Primary School in Sliema.

Day: Wednesdays

Place: St Claire Primary School Hall

Time: Pilates 1700 to 1815; Yoga 1830 to 1945

The first 500 applicants over 60 do not pay and can apply at Sliema Local Council, Depiro Street, Sliema, other applicants apply online (Course Fee: 46 Euro).

Online bookings:

Download this year’s Skolasport application form from

Book your Skolasport sessions online through

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Provision of Education for Learners from a Migrant Background​​​ and who cannot communicate in Maltese and English​

Click on the following link for further information:

Breakfast Club 2015/6

Application for Children making use of the breakfast club service in primary state schools

The registration of students to make use of the Breakfast Club Service delivered in Primary State Schools is being launched for scholastic year 2015/2016.

The Breakfast Club Service is open for primary students whose parents are in employment. The Service offered in every primary state Schools gives the opportunity to students to have a healthy breakfast before school commences, as well interact with other students through play and other activities. The Breakfast Club in every primary school operates on a daily basis during school days.

Applications to make use of the service during the next scholastic year will open in the first week of September and will remain open during the scholastic year.

More information can be obtained from this link:

New law paves way for Fort Cambridge skyscraper – Sliema council

James Debono
Malta Today 3 September 2015

A new law gives precedence to all other types of plans over development briefs designed to give specific guidelines on specific sites such as Fort Cambridge in Tigné.

The Sliema local council has expressed concern that by relegating development briefs to the lowest rung in a hierarchy establishing the precedence of plans, the proposed Planning Act could pave the way for the approval of the Fort Cambridge 40-storey tower development.

This is because as proposed, a new law gives precedence to all other types of plans over development briefs which were originally designed to give specific guidelines on development on specific sites, such as Fort Cambridge in Tigné.

The order of precedence is that of the spatial strategy over the subject plan; the subject plan over the local plan, the local plan over the action plan or management plan and the action plan or the management plan over the development brief.

According to a local plan approved by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority in 2006 the maximum building height for the former military barracks that had recently housed the Holiday Inn in Sliema – now proposed for a 40-storey hotel tower – should be retained at the existing four floors.

But the latest development proposal envisions the retention of the historical building’s façade and the construction of a 40-storey tower on top of it.

The 2006 development brief is still legally valid and any changes to it have to be approved after amendments are issued for public consultation.

The height limitation in the Tigné area was introduced “in order to conserve the ex-military barracks building”, the brief reads.

According to the brief, the existing ex-military barracks building “is to be retained due to its historical and architectural importance”, but internal alterations are allowed.

The development brief states that this building should act as a buffer between new higher development on the site and the surrounding residential blocks. “No additional floors are to be allowed over this landmark building,” the brief says.

“Apart from its historical importance, (the building) also significantly contributes to the character, identity and local distinctiveness of the area,” the Fort Cambridge development brief reads.

In its written submissions on the new law, the Sliema council claims that by relegating the development brief to the bottom of the planning policy heirarchy MEPA is defying the notion of subsidiarity.

“There is no logic in creating precedence among policies, as all policies ought to be in line with each other,” the council argues.

Moreover if, exceptionally, there is a conflict between plans then the local plan and the development brief should take precedence as they are specific to the conservation and protection required of a particular area.

According to the council this article seems to be placed intentionally to undermine “the good work done under previous administrations in creating development briefs” which ensure sustainable development in specific locations.

“The Sliema Council is particularly concerned about the implications of this new hierarchy on the application of a hotel to be developed on the Fort Cambridge site”.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Events for World Physiotherapy Day 2015

Next week the Physiotherapy Departments at the Rehabilitation Hospital Karin Grech will be organising a number of events to celebrate World Physiotherapy Day 2015. The Musculoskeletal Outpatient Physiotherapy Department will be organising an Exercise Class and a number of talks for the Public on Wednesday 2nd and Friday 4th September.


World Physiotherapy Day 2015
Musculoskeletal Outpatient Physiotherapy Department

Wednesday 2nd September 2015
08.15-09.15 Hrs: Flexibility, Strength and Balance Exercise Class: 50 + (Outpatient Physiotherapy Department)
Ms Amy Dimech

09.30-10.30 Hrs: Talk for the General Public: Benefits of Exercise in Water (Outpatient Physiotherapy Department)
Mr Owen Sant Angelo

11.00-12.00 Hrs: Talk for the General Public: Prevention and Rehabilitation of Back Problems (Outpatient Physiotherapy Department)
Ms Pauline Fenech

Friday 4th September 2015
11.00-12.00 Hrs: Talk for the General Public: Management of the Arthritic Knee (Outpatient Physiotherapy Department)
Ms Julie Farrugia

Dementia: Informal Carer Sessions‏

The Parliamentary Secretariat for Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing is organising Regional Informal Carer Sessions on Dementia as part of its awareness campaign on Dementia. The sessions will be held in the Northern Region, Gozo Region, South Region, South-east region and central region.

Sessions are being held at the following dates:

09.09.2015 Northern Region Mosta Local Council
11.09.2015 Gozo Region Boys Secondary School, Victoria Gozo
23.09.2015 Central Region Birkirkara Local Council
30.09.2015 South East Region Paola Local Council
21.10.2015 South Region Qormi Local Council

Sessions are free of charge.

Bookings can be taken by calling 21497606 or on

Agenda is as follows:




Introduction to Dementia


Communication with Persons with Dementia


Coffee Break


Activities for Persons with Dementia


Services for Persons with Dementia


The Malta Dementia Society



Living in Malta: Quick Reference Tips

An information brochure was published by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in collaboration with the Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs, and Civil Liberties (MSDC) and funded by the Integration Fund of the European Union (EU).

It is intended for third country nationals (TCNs) residing in Malta with the aim of providing information regarding entry and residence, citizenship, work, social security, health, social welfare services, education and accommodation.

You can find the leaflet on this link:

The leaflet is also available as a booklet in seven different languages (English, Arabic, Hindu, Filipino, Serbian, Russian and Chinese) and is available from Contact: . It will also be available from local councils.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Police tell Sliema residents to be vigilant and pass information on ‘mobile organised crime group’

The Malta Independent 31 August 2015

Sliema residents were today implored to be on the lookout in their locality and pass on any information about suspicious happenings, after a spate of thefts in the area.

Hundreds of residents attended a meeting organised by the Sliema local council and the police, Inspector Fabian Fleri said the thieves are targeting apartment blocks.

He urged residents to immediately report any unfamiliar faces in the common area.

He said a detailed and intensive investigation is under way, and undercover officers are constantly patrolling the area.

Inspector Fleri said the thefts - which started last year – had abated thanks to police work and only restarted this August.

The thefts are being carried out by a “mobile organised crime group,” who are posing as tourists.

He said certain media reports have hindered police investigations, as if these people feel the net closing in on them they will leave the country.

Inspector Fleri rubbished reports that €45,000 had been stolen in a recent theft, saying the amount was actually €4,000. His comment caused uproar among the residents, leading the Inspector to clarify that all thefts are treated seriously and investigated.

He also clarified that the police has not issued any official advice that Sliema residents should not leave their dwellings unattended in the evening.

“We need your help,” Inspector Fleri said.

He hinted that the police may have a lead on the group, saying that they are “ready to publish photos” if need be.

Asked by one resident about the possibility of setting up a neighbourhood watch, Inspector Fleri said the police can assist in organising such a watch, though he does not want any “vigilantes.”

He said it is vital residents pass on any information they have in an expedient manner, as this will help the police in their investigations.

The same resident said it is sometimes impossible to get through to the Sliema police station. Inspector Fleri said in such situations one can call 112 if it is an emergency.

Inspector Fleri said he cannot speak about “operations matters” regarding the investigation, which caused an exasperated sigh among residents, many of whom saying they attended the meeting in order to hear what the police were doing to get to the bottom of the thefts.

An information leaflet handed out during the meeting offered residents advice on how to avoid falling victims to such thefts.

The police advised that the common area door is always closed, that residents install a sturdy lock, do not keep certain valuables at home and inform a family member to keep watch over a property when going abroad.

The burglars are believed to be using to be using bump keys, which allow them to enter without causing any external damage to the door.

Telephone numbers:
Emergency 112
Sliema Police Station 2294 3351
Police 21 224001-7