Sunday, August 7, 2016

SLC appeal against PA Townsquare Decision

[UPDATED] Sliema Local Council will be appealing against the PA approval of Townsquare. Hats off to Mayor Anthony Chircop and the other councillors supporting the appeal


This morning I sent the following to all fellow Sliema Local Councillors:

Dear Councillors,

I am hereby proposing that SLC appeals against the PA decision on Townsquare as various policies were ignored.
Given that SLC is a registered objector, we have the duty to make sure that we used all options given to us by law to ensure that PA policies are adhered to.

Many residents are expecting SLC to  appeal against the PA decision.

Given that there is a very tight deadline to register appeal we would need to do this asap.

Can we decide asap please, and can SLC check on precise deadline for submission of appeal and other procedural requirements?

Michael Briguglio


In the meantime, the Environment and Resources Authority, whose chairman failed to turn up for the PA decision meeting on Townsquare and Mriehel highrises due to illness, has stated that it will not be appealing.

In order to lodge an appeal, one has 30 days from when the permit decision is published on the government gazzette. One does not actually have to be a registered objector to file an appeal. The legislation allows any third party to lodge an appeal to the Tribunal Board within these 30 days. Anyone who lodges an appeal is advised to state that permit and works shall be suspended until an appeal decision is taken by the Appeals Board. Without a statement such statement, the developer can commence works after the 30 days elapse at his own risk.  


  1. If the ERA is not going to appeal, it means that it is in favour of these high rise buildings. Therefore the ERA is approving an ILLEGAL procedure as regards the Mriehel Towers because everyone knows that this particular area was included AFTER the consultation period closed. This is a very serious matter because we, the people, cannot allow a Government Authority flagrantly break the law as if nothing happened.
    Besides appealing, I suggest that the SLC writes to the newly appointed Police Commissioner and urge him to investigate both the Planning Authority and the Environment and Resources Authority for acting illegally against the interest of the public.

  2. One would be stretching the letter of the law to describe the Sliema development as being surrounded by streets on all four sides.

  3. It would be stretching the letter of the law to its limits to define the Sliema development as being surrounded by streets on all four sides.