Monday, August 14, 2017

Circular van service for the Sliema community

The Tas-Sliema Local Council is providing the service of a Circular Van for a trial period of 1 month as a pilot project starting this Wednesday 16th August 2017 up to Friday 15th September 2017.

The service is free of charge. Its intent is to facilitate mobility within the locality. The route is the one shown here, whose Stops will be the existing Bus Stops.

The service is being provided every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1000hrs and at 1400hrs.

New information with regards to the Circular Van Service

Route:  Old College Street, Imrabat Street, Rudolph Street, St Mary Street, Madonna tas-Sacro Cuor Street, The Strand, Tigne Seafront, Qui-Si-Sana Seafront, Tower Road, Dingli Street, Dingli Circus, Tower Road and stops at the corner with Old College Street

Stops:  - Old College Street c/w Nazzarene Street
-          Imrabat Street c/w Old College Hill
-          Rudolph Street opposite Anglican Church
-          Rudolph Street c/w St James Street
-          Rudolph Street in front of ex-Imperial Hotel
-          St Mary Street lower part c/w Manwel Dimech Street
-          Madonna tas-Sacro Cuor Street c/w The Strand
-          The Strand near Square Deal
-          Tigne Seafront in front of Nazzarene Church
-          Tigne Seafront in front of the Fortina Hotel
-          Qui-Si-Sana Seafront corner with Dragut Street
-          Qui-Si-Sana Seafront in front of New York Best
-          Tower Road near Preluna Hotel
-          Tower Road in front of ex Tower Palace Hotel
-          Tower Road in front of Diplomat Hotel
-          Dingli Circus

-          Tower Road in front of Expressions


  1. I can't understand the logic behind the route chosen. It doesn't seem to make much sense. Did I understand correctly it's only 2 times on each h day mentioned? Also seems odd!

  2. cpdejong41@gmail.comAugust 16, 2017 at 11:49 AM

    It would be more beneficial in my opinion if there were a few criss cross routes linking banks, supermarkets and medical support facilities and other public services places especially to assist the elderlies. For example the tower road section between the ferries and the turn-off onto QSS road including its steep ramp would be more helpful compared to the QSS Rd -tunnel- Tigne seafront section. There would be more such examples .
    If you offer me 3 copies an A-3 size map of the same area I'm quite prepared to take out some time and draft a few alternatives for your consideration Kind Regards Kees de Jong (99 29 11 33 )