Monday, July 30, 2012

Cigarettes on the beach

Last Saturday, 'That's Rubbish', an NGO, carried out a beach clean-up from Fortizza to the area past Surfside lido, in collaboration with Sliema Local Council.

A total of 65 Kg of cigarette butts and other waste were collected. A similar clean up at the end of June collected 40kg of cigarette butts and other waste.

More effort by everyone has to be made to reduce, rather than increase rubbish. This includes the Cleansing Department, whose workers have to catch up with the increased volumes of waste, and, more importantly, some swimmers and bathers who do not bother to use the various bins which are available. Not to mention those who allow their dogs to pooh on the beach.

Sliema Local Council is consistently monitoring the matter together with the Cleansing Department. We recently toured the Exiles beach to look into waste-related matters. We are also currently looking into the possibility of distributing portable ash-trays.

Feedback from all is more than welcome.

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