Monday, May 6, 2013

Sliema Street Art Festival

This summer, Add more colors together with Sliema local council will host "Sliema street art festival", on Malta. The festival will take place on the 28-30 of June, but all art remain up for the whole summer.

The whole promenade from Preluna to Balluta bay will be transformed into an artpiece, with everything from traditional graffiti to stencil art and installations aswell as food, drinks, music and entertainment.

Already, the lineup is crazy good

David Walker, England
Steve Locatelli, Belgium
Sofles, Australia
Mr Dheo, Portugal
Shaka, France
Tank, Germany
Smates, Belgium
Kayo Natez, Germany
Brohemia, Sweden

Check out the website and the amazing artworks of the painters!

If you want to participate as an artist, musician or entertainer. Sign up here!

Add more colors on facebook

Alexia Mifsud
Jean Marc Galea
Christoffer Tykö
Peter Brobeck


  1. Is poetry an acceptable artwork?

  2. Hi thanks for your comment. Kindly submit your request at