Monday, February 11, 2013

Sliema Ferries Roadworks are a rushed exercise in bad planning

It is worrying that Transport Malta has admitted that the roadworks at Sliema Ferries are not attempting to solve the seawater flooding problem in the area. Saying that this issue is being dealt with in the upcoming underground carpark project is not an adequate reply. Transport Malta should also give clear details as to which current roadworks are going to be removed and done yet again once the underground carpark project commences. As a local councillor I am disappointed that Transport Malta is not communicating and consulting in a proper way.

The rushed works being carried out by Transport Malta at Sliema Ferries are causing a nightmare to pedestrians. Crossing the road is very dangerous, signs are lacking, trees have been removed, and there are no signs of bicycle lanes. As Sliema Local Councillor I am particularly concerned for persons with disability, parents with pushchairs, children, the elderly and cyclists.

Sliema requires holistic planning, something which apparently neither MEPA nor Transport Malta are capable of carrying out.

Michael Briguglio
Chairperson, Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party
Sliema Local Councillor, AD

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