Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sliema as a bicycle and pedestrian-friendly locality

Yesterday Sliema Local Council had a very positive meeting with the Bicycling Advocacy Group on setting an agenda to improve Sliema's status as a bicycle and pedestrian-friendly locality through sustainable transport policies. Various proposals were put forward, and these will be considered by the Sliema Local Council in addition to measures already being taken by the Council.

Those interested in putting forward proposals in this regard are welcome to contact me at mbrig@hotmail.com

More information on the Bicycling Advocacy Group can be obtained here:




  1. In order to kick the drive - park - shop - lug - drive habit most have acquired, please do everything to encourage the bike2shop concept amongst Sliema residents. Most would be amazed at how efficient it is to zip out, load up and zap back before the 4-wheeled have even figured out whether they need to buy petrol.

  2. Cycling is a lovely sport/passtime. However, do remember that Sliema is besieged by thousands of visitors as the weather improves. I would shelf any initiatives to after the residential parking is well in place in the hope that non-residents will use public transport. I wish you well.