Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Prime Minister stops Sliema residential parking zone

"The parking scheme in Sliema was no different from other localities" Michael Briguglio.

From Malta Today
7th May 2013

The Office of the Prime Minister has intervened to suspend the Sliema local council's residential parking zone, which only started in recent weeks.

The suspension followed the industrial action ordered by the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) which ordered teachers working in Sliema to report for work an hour late. This morning the union said that the action was "successful," with the Forum Unions Maltin backing the action ordered by MUT.

In a statement, the OPM said it was suspending the residential parking system with immediate effect, claiming it was "introduced unilaterally without a trial period" and that it was causing problems for commuters.

The OPM said transport minister Joe Mizzi and local councils parliamentary secretary José Herrera will be meeting the Sliema local council and other business organisations to discuss the matter.

"A comprehensive plan for various parking areas across the island is in the offing as part of government's work to facilitate traffic and transport issues, to aid residents and the commercial community in various towns," the government said.

Speaking to MaltaToday, Alternattiva Demokratika's councillor, Michael Briguglio said that the parking scheme in Sliema was no different from other localities.

"The parking scheme in Sliema is not different to other schemes found in other localities, therefore if the government is consistent it should suspend the scheme in other localities too."

While admitting that he understands that the scheme could create problems for teachers and students, Briguglio said that the scheme was in line with other similar schemes found elsewhere.

Moreover, the experienced AD councillor said that the scheme had been approved years ago and was enforced recently.

"The scheme has been discussed by the council since 2003 and there has always been a cross-party agreement on the scheme, with councillors from all three parties unanimously agreeing on the scheme."

Through the scheme, half the parking bays in Sliema have become timed between 8am and 9pm and non-residents will not be able to occupy the same bay for more than two hours. Once the two hours were over, non-residents would have to move their car and would not be able to return to the same spot before another hour would have passed.


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