Sunday, June 23, 2013

Council disputes minister's statement on parking scheme

Sunday, June 23, 2013, 08:15

Sliema Council has denied that that the locality's parking scheme was introduced on the basis of a legal notice issued on the eve of the general election, or that there was no trial period.

Both claims were made in parliament last week by Transport Minister Joe Mizzi, when replying to a parliamentary question.In a statement today, the council said that Legal Notice 200 of 2009 was actually enacted in 2009, and not on the eve of the General Election, in order to regularize the position of all Local Councils which had Transport Malta permits for the implementation of timed controlled parking schemes within their respective localities. Sliema Local Council started to implement this scheme, for a trial period of six months, according to this Legal Notice, in January 2013.

"Accordingly, the Sliema Local Council maintains that the Cabinet effectively suspended the trial period of the controlled timed parking scheme which is regulated by LN 200 of 2009. The Council also maintains that, as such, this suspension is ultra vires, in that the mentioned Legal Notice is still in force," the council said.

"The trial period was being implemented in order to study the implementation of the system on the ground, receive feedback from the various stakeholders involved, and amend the system as necessary so that it is updated to the new circumstances."

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