Saturday, July 12, 2014

Education and Accessibility

Michael Briguglio

Sliema Local Council magazine - Summer 2014

Education courses within Sliema Local Council are as popular as ever, and this inspires us to organize more courses.

Indeed, this Summer we will be organising language courses for primary school children – Maltese and foreign - as well as courses for adults in leading a healthy lifestyle through the food we eat.

In addition, Sliema will also benefit from Government initiatives namely a comprehensive summer school scheme (Skola Sajf), childcare facilities (Klabb 3-16), and a catch-up literacy programme for children benefitting from Complementary Education (Klabb Sajf)

In mid-August, Sliema will launch its proposals for Life Long Learning courses for the upcoming scholastic year, and applications will be accepted until 5th September. These courses are very popular, and Sliema is frequently cited as a success story due to the high participation rate of adult students. For the upcoming year, the Local Council has applied for a number of courses in Literacy (Maltese, English, Science; Maths); English and Maltese as foreign languages; Spanish Language and Culture; Zumba; Yoga; Understanding Child Development; Lace Making and Maltese Cultural and Natural Heritage.

Following summer we also plan to hold other courses including the ever-popular beading course and computer skills course for adults. Story-telling for children at the Council library will also take place for the third successive year.

Accessibility is a major priority in all courses and schemes. More details on both courses can be obtained by contacting the local council, through the respective websites or through the local council’s facebook page and noticeboards. One can also ask Sliema Local Council to add one’s address in the council email list, so as to receive such information.

On another note, in the first weeks of summer, the Local Council will inaugurate the new children’s play area in Independence Garden, which is going to be a flagship of accessibility. In this regard, Sliema Local Council carried out consultation with professionals and with experts in disability issues representing the Breaking Limits NGO so as to ensure that the swings are truly accessible.

Accessibility is also being given priority with respect to beaches in Sliema. We acknowledge that more needs to be done, yet a hands-on proactive approach is being adopted by Local Council.

I invite residents to contact me with suggestions and feedback especially on issues under my responsibility, namely education, disability and maritime affairs.

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