Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Townsquare project discussed at General Services Board

Today the second meeting of the General Services Board was held to discuss public health issues related to the proposed Townsquare project in Sliema.

I was present as Sliema Local Councillor together with Perit Carmel Cacopardo (who raised technical queries), Astrid Vella and Prof Lino Briguglio, representing registered objectors. The developers were represented by Michael Soler, Perit Martin Xuereb and others.

Issues related to fire, shading, ventilation and third party rights were discussed, and these will be followed up.

The meeting was very fair and civil, and due credit must be given to Chairman Dr Richard Zammit for his excellent chairing role, as well as to other board members.

The proposed development will eventually be discussed at MEPA level.

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  1. Keep up the good work. We cannot afford to have a skyscraper in our backyard! Thanks for your efforts.