Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sliema council wants to reintroduce residents' parking scheme

Times of Malta, 13 October 2016

The Sliema council has filed a judicial protest calling for the reintroduction of the locality’s residents parking scheme.
The scheme, introduced by the council in May 2013, was short-lived as it had to be halted with the publication of a legal notice a month later restricting it to just The Strand and Manwel Dimech Street.
In its protest, against the Transport Ministry, the Prime Minister and Transport Malta, the council called on the authorities to immediately take all opportune and necessary measures to address the parking problem in the locality, revoke the legal notice and take tangible and concrete steps without delay to issue a comprehensive parking policy.
Back when the legal notice was issued, the council said, it had been promised that this policy was to be implemented shortly.
In its protest, the council noted that a survey it had commissioned from Misco showed that the majority of residents were in favour of such a scheme.

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