Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sliema overdevelopment protest this Saturday

Environment NGO Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar have called a protest against overdevelopment, which will take place this Saturday.
In their statement, FAA says: "After decades of neglect, Sliema is under siege. With developments planned or under way in almost every street, our narrow streets cannot cope with all the traffic and parking needed for the hundreds of new apartments being built".

"Cowboy developers work with impunity, filling the streets with dust and disturbing residents even on public holidays, seemingly immune to enforcement action".

"Pavements are damaged and encroached on," she said, while adding that this makes it hard for wheelchair users to use. "As buildings rise taller and taller in narrow streets, residents are being deprived of their basic needs of light and air".

"Residents living in the Savoy area are choked by car exhaust, Qui-si-Sana and Tigne residents are facing many years of construction, while others still cannot sleep at night due to nightspots spreading to residential areas".

"That's why this Saturday 5 November at 11:00 am, residents will meet at Dingli Circus in Sliema to speak about issues that affect us all".

The FAA statement reads that the protest is not limited to Sliema residents, "as all Malta is being affected by the problems of over-development, traffic and parking problems, abusive developers, destruction of heritage, and above all, air and noise pollution". The Facebook event page can be found here.
The Facebook post reads: "the Prime Minister, the Minister for the Environment, The Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and the Superintendent for Cultural Heritage have also been invited to witness the chaos for themselves".

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