Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Fort Cambridge Highrise EIA

The public consultation for the 40-storey Fort Cambridge highrise proposed by GAP Developers will expire on 23 February. 

Sliema Local Council is currently looking into the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and had requested the Planning Authority to schedule the property in question, known as the officers' quarters. Significantly, even the same PA had proposed Grade 1 protection for this property. The Developers wish to demolish parts of it, with only parts of the facades retained to be included in the highrise. Grade 1 protection which would preclude any development which would alter its context. 

The proposed development is a few metres away from the controversial Townsquare Project which will include a 38-storey highrise if the developers (Gasan) win the current appeal at the Planning Authority.  

Journalist James Debono had analysed the Environment Impact Assessment in 2016. The EIA has not been updated since then. You may read Debono's analysis here

The full EIA may be read here.  

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  1. I wish to ask one simple question: how many of these mighty developers ( GAP in this case ) live in Sliema?

    I bet that not even one of them is a Sliema resident because otherwise they would not have even dreamt of creating such a monstrosity!