Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Construction in Sir Arturu Mercieca Street / Pavements in Guze Howard Street

Following my initiative, Sliema Local Council has taken action on new pavements Guze Howard c/w Sir A Mercieca which were damaged during the recent construction works being carried out in Sir A. Mercieca Street. Attached photo shows the damage done by a contractor, who has been asked to re-instate the pavement by the end of this week and to pay a bank guarantee by end of this week to cover any damages done to the surrounding corners. Well done to Local Council staff and contracts manager.

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  1. You can probably take more action against the same contractor as they are now driving a huge Caterpillar all the way from Sir Arturu Mercieca up to Dingli Street. The tarmac is already breaking up under the weight of the caterpillar tracks. It would be easy to identify from which building construction site it is operating by just following the tracks in the road.