Friday, April 13, 2012

Ex-Galaxy construction, Depiro Street (2)

With respect to the inconvenience caused to residents near the ex-galaxy development due to lack of proper hoarding, the Building Regulation Office within the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs has informed the Sliema Local Council as follows:

"We have instructed our inspectors to check on this site. On the first visit, it transpired that scaffolding with dust netting was in place along Depiro Street and a small section on the side road that faces Belmonte Heights. This means that a substantial part of this side road was not protected with the required scaffolding and netting. The Contractor was required to block this missing part.

On a second visit to ensure that Contractor was taking the necessary action, his representative explained that they were about to start shifting the existing small section to a next section. This was still not acceptable and he was instructed to block all the remaining part of the side road. This work will be taken in hand next Monday and Tuesday where some of the scaffolding along Depiro will be dismantled and used to block the side road completely. This is acceptable as all finishing works on that area are complete and only the fixing of apertures and railings is outstanding. The Inspectors will be returning to the site either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning".

Together with fellow councillors, I will be making necessary pressure to defend residents' rights.

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