Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Problems in Depiro Street, Old College Street and St Ignatious Junction

Today Sliema Local Council held a consultation meeting with residents Depiro Street, Old College Street and St Ignatious Junction.

Residents rightly spoke about various issues which are causing great inconvenience, such as waste thrown out at irregular hours from some residents of Belmonte Heights, noise from hostels hosting language students, broken pavement in Depiro Street due to construction at ex-Galaxy site, heavy vehicles passing from bridge at Old College Street.

I have been speaking on these issue for some time in the new Local Council, and residents today confirmed the problems in this area. As regards rubbish, upon my insistence, green wardens started monitoring the area some weeks ago. I will insist that such monitoring increases. Together with my fellow councillors I will ensure that the other issues are tackled as soon as possible.

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