Friday, June 15, 2012

Exiles Beach

Yesterday, the beaches subcommittee which I chair inspected the popular Exiles beach.

We took note of various improvements which need to take place, related to issues such as waste management, general cleanliness, maintenance of infrastructure, need for enforcement on matters such as parking of cars and dog-dirt, increased accessibility, and so forth.

I am currently tackling these issues within Sliema Local Council and respective authorities.


  1. Well done Michael. The area definitely needs a lot of attention and measures should be taken to protect the beach.

    This year the ladder has not as yet been installed, which was very convenient to people who were not fully mobile. I would also check the new yellow lines and a reserved parking space that seems to have been painted recently. Although there is a sign for a parking space for a blue card holder, it is not clear where a blue card holder can park (line-wise).