Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Basic Computer/Internet Course at Sliema Local Council

Sliema Local Council is offering the LEARN IT computer course. The course teaches basic skills, including how to use the internet and is ideal for adults. More details, including dates/times of lessons, can be obtained from Sliema Local Council ( 21337633 and sliema.lc@gov.mt ).

Course commences in March 2015. Registration is free and places are limited. Upon application one should pay 10 Euro for course book which is given after registration.


Lesson 1- What is a computer? Main parts of a computer

Lesson 2 – Windows: Files and Folders

Lesson 3 – Basic MS Word / Basic MS Excel

Lesson 4 – What is Internet? What is a web browser?

Lesson 5- Internet Downloading

Lesson 6 – Emails – Gmail

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