Monday, December 22, 2014

Educational Courses by Sliema Local Council - A brief overview of 2014/5 scholastic year

As the new scholastic year is progressing, Sliema Local Council is once again providing a wide range of courses at different levels and for different age groups. As an inclusive council, we strongly believe that courses should be accessible to everyone, including foreign residents, who are most welcome to participate.

Storytelling sessions for kids aged 5-7 are being held for the third consecutive year in the Council Library in Blanche Huber Street. The sessions are held on Saturday mornings between 900 and 1000 and are proving to be popular with participants.

Kids up to 3 years old are now being offered a new scheme called ‘Read With Me – Aqra Mieghi’ , which involves stories and rhymes in English every Tuesday between 4pm and 5pm at Sliema Local Council, and stories and rhymes in Maltese every Thursday between 4pm and 5pm at Sliema Local Council. This initiative is being organized under the auspices of the Ministry for Education.

As regards the national lifelong learning scheme for adults, Sliema Local Council is hosting the following courses: Literacy – Maltese; Literacy – English; Literacy – Science; Literacy – Maths; English as a foreign language; Maltese as a foreign language; Spanish Language and Culture; Zumba; Yoga; Understanding Child Development; Lace Making and Maltese Cultural and Natural Heritage. More information about this scheme may be obtained from

Sliema Local Council has also offered its popular course in beading, and will be once again organizing a course in basic computer skills for adults. More information can be obtained from the council.

In the coming weeks, the Committee for Education, which I chair, will be proposing a range of courses for the coming year, also taking into account the results obtained from courses offered in previous years. Sliema residents are most welcome to send any suggestions and feedback to

Note: This article features in Sliema Local Council magazine, December 2014

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