Thursday, December 17, 2015

Xmas consultation for Sliema Skyscraper

MEPA has asked the Sliema Local Council to give feedback regarding the proposed Skyscraper on top of the Military barracks at ex-Fort Cambridge site. When the original permit was given to the Fort Cambridge developers, the apartments were approved on condition that the ex-military barracks is preserved. Now, the developers are proposing to build a 40-storey tower on top of the building. A few metres down the road, another skyscraper is being proposed by other developers for the Townsquare project. The consultation period provided by MEPA is bang right in the middle of the Xmas period and before the next Sliema Local Council monthly decision-making meeting.
 Sliema Local Council was informed as follows, re. Ref: TRK 159681 (EA00019/15) 
Reference No:      TRK 162247 (EA00030/15)
Location:              Site at, Triq Tigné c/w, Triq il-Ponta Ta' Dragut, Sliema, Malta
Proposal:               Retention of the historic existing facades of the Fort Cambridge barracks building and demolition of the existing southwest facade and internal structure. Proposed excavation and construction of a new high-rise hotel Class 3B including all ancillary facilities and amenities.
Kindly be advised that the abovementioned development application requires an Environmental Planning Statement (EPS) as per EIA Regulations, 2007 (S.L. 504.79).
 A Project Description Statement (PDS) for the proposed development has been submitted and may be found on the following link:
Kindly provide, within 21 days of receipt of the email (7 January 2016), any information that you wish to see included in the Terms of Reference of the EPS. Kindly email your comments to

Residents, NGOs and civic-minded citizens are invited to send me proposals at so that I may propose together with my colleague councillors within Sliema Local Council. 

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