Friday, December 4, 2015

Townsquare development to be discussed by General Services Board

Re:  PA 01191/15 – Appeal to the General Services  Board re (a)  use of a closed drainage system and not a traditional open galley; and (b) use of basement as offices & commercial premises – Townsquare (Old Union Club) between Tower Road, Hughes Hallet Street, Tigne Street, Qui-S-Sana Lane, ix-Xatt Ta’ Qui-Si-Sana, Sliema

Registered objectors to the Townsquare project have been informed that the General Services Board will be discussing the case in caption on Friday 11th December at around 11.30am at the Public Health Regulation Department, 1st floor of ex-Outpatients Department, St. Luke’s Hospital, G’Mangia.

Objectors have been informed that "in view that the issues to be discussed are related to but do not represent the ‘entirety’ of the Townsquare application and because of the physical constraints that do not allow such a large number of persons to attend the sitting, you are being requested to organize the contestation process and nominate amongst yourselves a maximum of not more than five persons".

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