Thursday, May 24, 2012

Proposed development at ex-Forestals site

Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party, is endorsing the objection of Sliema Residents Association against the proposed development at the ex-Forestals site at the Strand, Sliema. AD is also asking MEPA to have an Environment Impact Assessment and a Transport Impact Assesment on the proposed development.

Objections can be sent to MEPA, by sending an email to

MEPA will be deciding on the project in a public hearing on Thursday 31 May, 10am at St Francis Ravellin, MEPA, Floriana.

SRA's objection reads as follows:

Objection against PA2590/09 and PA3613/10

The contents of the numerous objections received against these developments
were not considered and implemented at all by MEPA when reviewing the plans
submitted by the developers. The development is still one of high density
with a very high frontage which will increase hardship for residents in the
vicinity. It goes counter to several policies and requests mentioned
within NHLP 2006.

This development will definitely increase traffic congestion in the area
(against policy NHSJ01 -v. in the NHLP 2006) which states 'Reduce car
domination along the waterfront;'. For sure, major developments like this
will not reduce car domination at the water front but will actually cause
more permanent traffic at the water's edge which cannot be remedied by
future traffic management policies.

In the 'Issues' chapter 17.2 of the NHLP 2006, para 17.3.2 number iv.,
states that new open spaces have to be created while enhancing existing
ones. For sure this will not create any new open spaces.

The proposed development would adversely affect the external environs of a
grade 2 scheduled building and garden (Villa Bonici) and another Grade 3
scheduled building (Belvedere Terrace) in its vicinity. The proposal would
therefore detract from the historical value of these important buildings
and so it does not conform to Structure Plan Policy UCO7, which seeks to
preserve buildings of outstanding architectural or historical interest.

The proposed development runs counter to Structure Plan policy UCO10 in
that it would adversely affect views of the Urban Conservation Area and
detract from the traditional urban skyline.

The proposed development goes against Structure Plan policy BEN1 since the
proposal is likely to have a deleterious impact on existing or planned
adjacent uses because
of visual intrusion, noise, vibration, atmospheric pollution, unusually
high traffic generation, unusual operating times, or any other
characteristic which would constitute bad neighbourliness

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