Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sliema Local Council launches street-cleaning campaign

Bianca Caruana
Malta Todat 4th May 2012

The Sliema Local Council today launched a campaign, entitled ‘Let’s be smart, Tas-Sliema bla skart’ which will involve council members, including Sliema Mayor Anthony Chircop, picking up brooms and shovels to sweep the streets within the town.

The initiative, which is to take place on Saturdays 12, 19 and 26 May from 8:30am onwards, is being conducted in collaboration with the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs together with Green MT.

The Rural Affairs Ministry will be providing the council members with jets and other equipment to clean.

Chircop thanked all the entities participating in the effort to clean the streets, while Deputy Mayor Silvio Zammit that the clean up will begin next week and hopes to have all the roads in Sliema cleaned.

Green MT director Joe Attard said that they, together with the council members, would be distributing recycling bags to residents during the clean-up.

Private Secretary Minister for Resources and Rural Affairs Paul Radmilli said that the campaign is intended to be inclusive and attempt to send out a message for cleaner streets.

“We hope that residents will be inspired to participate and join the local council members in cleaning the streets as well as helping by moving their cars in order to clean stains which are usually not accessible for street sweepers,” Radmilli said.

After a meeting with contractors currently working in Sir Arturo Mercieca, Radmilli said an agreement was reached to help keep the area cleaner.

“There are six construction sites in this road. The contractors have agreed to start washing the streets at the end of every working day to reduce the amount of dust. We will send people to inspect and take photos of this to monitor this,” Radmilli said.


  1. At long last. Some respite for us residents. Thanks. Keep it up.

  2. Yesterday, 17th June, all public toilets along the Sliema seafront were closed at around 9.00pm. Why?
    Edward D'Agostino