Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tower Crane in High Street Carpark development

Today Sliema Local Council had a positive meeting with residents regarding the placing of a tower crane for the additional development at the carpark near Tower Supermarket.

Residents are correct in insisting that the tower crane should not be situated in lower High Street, as this will cause huge problems such as lack of access. Sliema Local Council should ensure that this does not happen, something which the council has the power to do.

The other options are having the crane erected in the ex-Hotel Regina site, which requires an agreement with the owner of the latter, and having the crane situated in Gaety lane. As regards the former, MEPA can include this as a condition for future development at the ex-Hotel Regina site. Perhaps there may be other options, too.

I agree with a proposal from an expert in the audience who proposed a traffic safety audit for all options. Such an audit should analyze impacts with respect to pedestrians, persons who use pushchairs or wheelchairs, cars etc..

I am optimistic that a positive solution for Sliema residents can be found.

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