Monday, July 20, 2015

3rd August Deadline for Objections re. 38 storey highrise in Sliema

Individuals and NGOs can submit objections to MEPA regarding the Proposal of a 38-storey Tower Block at Sliema, known as the 'Townsquare Project' behind Union Club and Villa Drago. Apart from this proposal, another proposal for a 40-storey Tower Block is also on the cards, this time at the Fort Cambridge site, on top of the ex-Military Barracks. Sliema Local Council and NGOs are objecting to the development proposal. This is a Full-Development Permit Application, which means that the detailed drawings now have a bearing on the processing of the application.

Objections to MEPA re. Townsquare proposal should be sent by 3rd August as follows:

Refer to: PA/01191/05
Email to:

Further information on the proposed development and its impacts can be found on this blog by clicking HERE. Various blogs on the matter will then appear on this same page, under each other.

Michael Briguglio
Local Councillor

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