Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bicycling group applauds Sliema local council for road-sharing initiative

The Malta Independent 7/7/15

The Bicycling Advocacy Group has applauded the Sliema Local Council’s efforts to raise awareness about cyclists using Tower Road by placing cyclist awareness signage warning drivers about the presence of cyclists. The signage also makes it clear that cyclists should not use the pavement.

The group sees this as a win-win situation and something that should have occurred at the same time as the signage that legally required cyclists under 12 to dismount on the promenade.

The group went on to challenge other local councils to identify safe corridors and routes through their own localities for cyclists. No local councils in Malta were able to answer the group’s recent survey that asked if it was possible to get from one side of their village safely and efficiently on a bicycle. Sliema Local Council is the first to come up with a plan. It’s simple and effective, and importantly on one of Malta’s key commuting routes, and it is clearly streets ahead of anyone else, the group's spokesman said.

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