Thursday, July 30, 2015

38-Storey Highrise: Support the Qui-si-sana & Tigne' Residents Association's and FAA's objection to Townsquare proposal, Sliema

The Qui-si-sana and Tigne' Residents Association and Flimkien ghall-Ambjent Ahjar have produced the document below which can be endorsed. As Sliema Local Councillor and resident, I am supporting this text. Michael Briguglio


Dear Sir/Madam

If you agree, please send the objection below (or something similar) by no later than the 3rd August 2015, either by mailing it to: MEPA Objections, St Francis Ravelin, Floriana FRN1230, or by emailing it to

You can contact the Qui si-Sana/Tigne Residents’ Association at to email you a soft copy of this text which you can forward directly on the above MEPA email address.

Please circulate this message to all your family and friends, as anyone can object to MEPA, even if they don’t live in the area – remember Malta is small – we are all affected by mega-projects on our island.


I am hereby objecting to the proposed Townsquare project on the grounds of its damaging impact on the community:
1. The increase of thousands of cars entering/exiting the Tigne`/Qui-Si-Sana peninsula to be generated by this project will create further havoc and air pollution in this already congested area and violate MEPA’s BEN 1 regulation.
2. This intensive residential and commercial high-rise project will seriously strain the local infrastructure of roads, drains, water and electricity supply, which are already inadequate because of the massive over-development that has already taken place in the peninsula without an upgrade of essential services to cope with future projects.
3. The blocking of light and air that this tall building will cause, will impact residents’ physical and mental health and deprive residents of their right to sunlight for solar panels.
4. The development will lead to deterioration in the health and quality of life of the residents in the area due to an increase in noise and air and noise pollution with the developers having already suggested that residents should keep their windows closed for the duration of the building construction work.

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