Friday, June 17, 2016

Regina Car Park Pollution - Sliema Council Appeals

The Sliema Local Council has submitted an appeal to the Environment & Planning Review Tribunal with regard to the application for DNO renewal by the operators of Regina Car Park in Tower Road.

SLC is objecting to renewal of the operation permit unless tarmac is surfaced on the ground.

Residents, pedestrians, workers and shoppers have long been complaining to SLC regarding the dust pollution resulting from the carpark, and SLC has been alerting the authorities about this.

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  1. While agreeing with the residents, pedestrians, workers and shoppers, they can at least have their mind at rest that dust particles poses a small threat to health - if any. This s because dust particle are coarse and non-toxic. On the other hand, emissions from vehicle (car) traffic, especially if desel-driven) emits very fine particle (particulates also called PM 10 or PM2) which are impregnated with toxic substances from engine combustion. These are the cause of increased asthma, lung development problems in children, lung dieases (including cancer) and heart disease.... For ths reason the creation of urban car parks in densely built-up and much frequented urban areas shoud be avoided as it means more exposure of people to pollution. For the same reason the proposed 3-level car park beneath a childrens playground is unacceptable. Mothers who take their children for play and "frsh air" should be warned.