Monday, June 13, 2016

Townsquare SkyScraper decision on 23 June

This letter was sent to Statutory Representees re. Townsquare Skyscraper Project

Application Number: PA/01191/05
Location: Old Union Club, (between) Tower Road, Hughes Hallet Street,
Tiqne Street, Qui Si Sana Lane, Ix- Xatt Ta' Qui-Si-Sana, Sliema, Malta
Proposal: Excavation of the site and construction of underground
parking and service facilities. Construction of low rise buildings including a 38 storey tower, in a pedestrianized mixed development of retail and office outlets, food and beverage outlets, and residential units. Change of use of Villa Drago to cater for retail and food and beverage establishments.

Development Planning Act, 2016

Notification of Development Permit Application Report and Board Meeting Date

Further to your submission on this application, your are hereby being notified that the Development Permit Application (DPA) Report has been prepared.

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation 12(6)(ii) of the Development Planning (Procedure for Applications and their Determination) Regulations, 2016, you are invited to make written submissions, if you so wish. Any written submission received will be referred to the Planning Board. Written submissions should reach the Planning Authority by 23 June 2016. Late submissions and/or submissions with erroneous reference numbers will not be considered by the Planning Board.

This application shall be decided by the Planning Board at the meeting to be held on 23 June 2016.
The sitting will be held from 11:00 hours onwards, at the La Valette Hall, Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta. Subject to the maximum seating capacity, seats can be reserved on request for the applicant and registered representees. For further information or queries regarding the sitting date or venue, please contact the Planning Board Secretariat on 2290 2020.

Official studies state that this project will comprise 10 months of excavation, 4 years construction and (together with Fort Cambridge) 6000 extra cars daily. For Further Information about the Townsquare Skyscraper Project, please click here and scroll downwards.

A few metres up the road, another skyscraper is being proposed, at Fort Cambridge, in violation of Government's development brief.

Both projects are being rushed so as to avoid a temporary cessation on highrise development before a national holistic plan on such development is carried out, despite calls for this by Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party (2010-), Partit Demokratiku (2016), Civil Society Network (2016), ENGOs and Change.Org petition (2016).

Residents' protest against TownSquare proposal - click here for more info

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