Monday, September 19, 2016

Sliema-Gzira Bus Lane Suspended - Record decision by TM to retain dangerous Amber Traffic Lights

Yesterday Transport Malta CEO James Piscopo replied to Sliema Local Council's query on amber traffic lights at the Strand, in view of the concern on lack of safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Piscopo said that the Traffic Management Committee will be debating the traffic lights case in its next session and shall be able to communicate accordingly. 

He also confirmed that the bus lane at the Strand is suspended.

Sliema Local Council is following the matter closely.

UPDATE: News Flash! The Traffic Management Committee must be the fastest committee in the world. In one sitting, one day after TM replied to SLC, the TM committee quickly decided to retain the amber-lights system at the Strand, despite concern on its danger.  

As Sliema Local Councillor, I have asked TM CEO James Piscopo, copied to Minister Joe Mizzi for minutes of the meeting. I also asked him to inform us on the evidence used by the committee for its decision.


  1. Unbelievable, TM is playing with life.

  2. Who are these persons who sit on this Committee? Are they Sliema residents? I doubt it! With the recent accidents which happened in this area, the least they can do is to revert the lights to normal in the evenings. Leaving them on amber means that pedestrians are always at risk because the motorists are not obliged to stop. Amber means "proceed with caution".