Thursday, September 29, 2016

Public Access at Tigne' Coastline

During yesterday's council meeting, the Sliema Local Council unanimously agreed that public access should be guaranteed at Tigne', in line with Parliament's recent approval of legislation concerning such matters. 
Sliema local councillors also unanimously agreed that any possible contractual shortcomings by MIDI should be investigated. 


  1. SLC must investigate access to all Sliema foreshore including Fortina Hotel, Tigne beach concessions, Sliema Pitch and Preluna.

  2. Finally! Thank you Sliema local council. I've been harping on this issue since I moved to Qui-si-sana some years back. My young grandson and myself were denied access to a small pool hewn in the rocks (in the days of the British forces) by the owner of the light blue complex at the farthermost end of Qui-si-sana foreshore. I still remember how vociferous, aggressive and arrogant he was even daring us to take action against him. I did, even sending photos to the authorities concerned, but my plea fell on deaf ears and unfortunately he had his way!!